Pay Monthly Dues

Monthly Union Dues 2019

General Laborers & Apprentices $44.00  

Plaster Tender $45.00

Angelus Block & Orco Block $43.00

Disneyland $40.00

VMS $39.00

West Coast Arborist $45.00

Powerland Equipment $42.00

Retirees Over 62 $10.00

Retirees under 62 $16.00

Web Module

Through this website you will be able to pay dues, view balances due, setup autopay enrollment, view your member listing as it appears on out of work list and update and submit address changes to the Local's office. You must be an Active and in-good-standing Member of Laborers Local 652 to be able to log into this site. If you cannot log in please contact the Local Union office 714-542-7203.