What the 2019 Nevada Legislature Did For You


The State Legislature meets for 120 days every other year. The hard work of volunteers during the campaign season got Labor allies like Governor Steve Sisolak Elected. The hard work paid off when bills were passed that will bring more jobs and better pay to the entire State’s workforce. Labor has a big part in setting the agenda in Nevada because of the positive impact on job security, equitable pay, and economic development has on the entire Community. The best way to ensure more jobs in Nevada is to register to vote and participate in the process.

Assembly Bill 385

Assemblyman William McCurdy took leadership of Assembly Bill 385. This bill requires the Executive Director of the Office ...


Traffic Safety Priority


County Commissioner Micheal Naft is joined by other local government leaders to sign the Traffic Safety Pledge. Pictured: Mayor John Lee, Clark County Chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Deputy Chief Andrew Walsh, Commissioner Micheal Naft, Mayor Debra March, & Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

Clark County Commissioner Micheal Naft hosted County Commission Chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick, and Mayors from North Las Vegas, The City of Las Vegas, and Henderson to sign a Traffic Safety Pledge. The newest County Commissioner raises awareness and recognizes the value of well constructed safe roadways because “as a western state we have wide roads, we have long roads and we have fast roads.” The goal of the Traf...


Classes to Take


Signing up for classes at the Training Center must be done IN PERSON in advance of the class. It is important to complete OSHA 10 and 1st Aid classes to be dispatched to any job. It is also required to keep OSHA certifications current to be dispatched to any jobs. Refresher courses are available for individuals to keep an OSHA 10 or 30 card current. If you have received an OSHA 10 and or 30 card within the last 5 years you need to only take the refresher. If your card is older than 5 years you must take the full course. OSHA 10 refresher is 6 hours and OSHA 30 refresher is 24 hours. There is no grace period on expired OSHA cards so preregistration is suggested before a card expires. Takin...


Collaborating with Veterans Programs Supporting Efforts to Rebuild and Reenter Civilization

Randy Couture is a veteran of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division and the UFC. Since his first fight in 1997, Randy Couture has won 6 UFC Championship Titles. To this day he is the only UFC competitor to hold titles in both the Heavyweight and Light-Heavyweight divisions. Randy Couture has shifted his focus from fighting to help other Veterans and retired athletes by founding the Las Vegas Chapter of Merging Vets and Players (MVP).

Local 872 has joined Randy Couture and MVP supporting a “program designed to address challenges that many combat veterans and professional athletes face when transitioning their service/professional life towards a new mission in their civilian life.” ...


Indepth Interview with Training Director Walden

Archie Walden gets a lot of questions. As Director of the Local 872 Training Center, he needs to have the answers. The impact he makes at the Training Center and with members is seventeen years in the making. He encourages everyone to exceed their own potential but remains firmly honest. Unwavering commitments to safety and integrity require him to maintain the highest of standards. The Facility has grown under his leadership all while Archie remains open to members seeking to grow with Local 872.

What Does the Director of the Training Center Do?

“I schedule classes for members, journeymen and apprentices preparing them for upcoming jobs, getting apprentices especially ready to face the ...


Monthly Membership Meetings

Many important topics are discussed at Monthly Meetings. New investments and jobs are introduced, and special guests also visit with exciting news. Over the past months, Governor Brian Sandoval brought thanks and encouragement for Local 872’s role in bringing the Raiders to Las Vegas. Attorney General candidate Wes Duncan visited the Union’s Thanksgiving Celebration during the November Monthly Meeting. He spoke about his Father’s decades-long Union career, and how it shaped a tradition of public service.

In addition to seeing fellow members and enjoying special guests, Monthly Union Meetings are the place to hear the latest Local 872 news first. A lot of work goes into putti...